“Robusto” extravirgin oil 3l / 5l / 5lx2 / 5lx4

“Robusto” extravirgin oil 3l / 5l / 5lx2 / 5lx4s
Weight packaging: 3.1 kg
volume delle bottiglie

The 3l or 5l tins is ideal for restaurants who love this extra virgin oil and for meditterean's cuisine lovers.Thanks to the handle, it is very easy to pour. A great deal for business purpose or simply for gourmets.

Extra Virgin Oil obtained after a careful selection of "coratina" olives, hand-picked by trusted local farmers. Pressed with granite millstones and cold extracted few hours later.


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Corinto trio contains a Corinto Amphora of 500ml, a Marasca bottle of 750ml and an other of 250ml

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Weight packaging: 3.125 kg
volume delle bottiglie
BIB bag-in-box 3l / 5l /10l / 20l

Oleificio Mazzone is engaged in the transformation of olive green gold for many years, always with the same passion and the same values ​​that have allowed him to be recognized, not only in Puglia, but also nationally and internationally, as a trademark synonymous with quality.
For four generations, the family Mazzone focuses on the choice of the olives - source Coratina - and on the process of grinding the same, so you have an exceptional oil that ensures not only high nutritional content, but also authentic flavors.
The olives are processed exclusively with granite mills, according to tradition, and cold-pressed, to create an oil low in acidity.
With an acidity of less than 0.3%, in fact, the oil has an intensely fruity aroma and flavor reminiscent of persistent olives just crushed. The final result is harmonious on the palate. These features make it a versatile extra virgin olive oil for everyday use.
Besides classic oil, the oil mill Mazzone, produces aromatic oils, which are another feature of the company. Fresh fruit or herbs are combined with olives during pressing to create a true fusion of flavors.