The wine jellies 6x220g

The wine jellies 6x220g


Weight packaging: 2.31 kg

The wine jelly is a product that can be compared to a jam but instead it is prepared with wine.
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Wine jelly "White Chardonnay" 3x220g
with its typical aroma, it enhances the flavor of fresh cheese and mildly seasoned.

Wine jelly "Nero di Troia" 3x220g
ideal for all cheeses, tasty pairing with cakes, pies, meat or fish, with delicate bread or a nice dessert.


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Tutti frutti contiene tutte le confetture della collezione extr

Weight packaging: 7.16 kg
Tutti frutti

Jams from the "extra" collection, preserved in comfortable and refined j

Weight packaging: 3.84 kg
Strawberry and champagne “extra” jam 6x350g



Mixed country box contains:

Weight packaging: 3.2 kg
Mixed country box

This country box contains the following flavors:

Weight packaging: 4.09 kg
Confiture extra 6x350g la caissette 1

The family history begins in Corato, a little town in Puglia on the slopes of the impressive Castel del Monte, in the heart of southern Italy, in a land that has always recognized for his extraordinary generosity and genuineness.

And it is here that, among vast orchards of family, love of their land gradually became a passion and, finally, real art in fruit processing.

Today as yesterday, they continue to carefully cultivate the orchards and carefully selecting the best fruits, the same who later work in their laboratory to obtain the genuine and tasty jams leading daily on your tables.

From jam orange to that of cherries, apricots, strawberries, peaches, plums as the exclusive red currant ... a riot of flavors, fragrances and colors can make each new day but always genuine your power.

With the passage of time, the company Micco has become a leader in the processing of fruit jam and found approval from all over Italy, nevertheless, the passion and love for working the land is the same as always; their goal, today as yesterday, is to bring to your table all the flavors and aromas of our land.

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