Baroque, rustico and pasticciotto

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Baroque, rustico and pasticciotto

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36 km
Zona Territoriale: 

Start your tour of the Province of Lecce with a hearty breakfast in the historic center of Galatina, a town located at the center of the Salento peninsula, also known for its centuries-old tradition of sweets. In fact, it is said to have given birth to some typical desserts of Salento: the first among all pasticciotto, but also its derivative, the "fruttone", together to "african" and to "mafalda".
In the historic center of Galatina, you can discover the phenomenon of tarantism by visiting the "Casa Museo del Tarantismo" and St. Paul's Church and then continue the tour with the mother church of SS. Peter and Paul and the beautiful Basilica of Saint Catherine of Alexandria, one of the most important monuments of Gothic and Romanesque in Puglia.
Walking through its narrow streets, even the most hidden, they will reserve you many surprises.

The second leg of the tour will take in the Salento Greece, exactly in Corigliano d'Otranto, where you can visit its lovely old town and the imposing castel De' Monti.

We suggest lunch in the Greek Salento, exactly in the town of Sternatia and find a wonderful little restaurant called "The ancient gate", well known in the Salento for the quality of its dishes based on fish.

The tour ends finally in the capital of the Province, Lecce, where you can admire the sunset, its beautiful historic city center with Piazza S. Oronzo, the Roman Amphitheatre, the Cathedral, the Basilica of Santa Croce and other small squares, churches, palaces and courtyards in the Baroque style. Walking through the narrow streets you will also find charming shops of paper mache and other craft shops. After a long walk, we suggest you to choose one of the many bar / deli and taste the famous rustic Lecce Puglia accompanied by an excellent craft beer.
To end the evening, change into the Convitto Palmieri area, and stop at a cocktail artfully prepared by expert barmen of "quanto basta".

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